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Ang Kilusang Raelian

Akademyang Pangkasiyahan: Amerika



Prices are by person/bed : bs 140 and bs 180 with breakfast

The lodging have a capacity of 2 to 8 hosts. There is a possibility for a single person to rent a double room, at the double of price above mentioned.

The camping has a cost of bs 40. La Vispera rents a few tents (check price)

There is a possibility to sleep outside La Vispera, in one of the many other hotels, bed and breakfast and camping sites located closely, once La Vispera would have been fully reserved by the Hapiness Academy attendees.


All housings and bungalows have their own kitchen. There is also a kitchen at the disposal of the campers.

La Vispera proposes a breakfast at the cost of 40 bs as well as lunches and dinners.

Also meals can be ordered to delivery services.

The village of Samaipata is located on the outscurt of La Vispera (10 minutes walking maximum). A traditional market, grocery stores and numerous restaurants can be found. The cost of the food is extremely affordable four foreigners (U$ 5 or less for a meal)