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Ang Kilusang Raelian

Akademyang Pangkasiyahan: Asya



How to book rooms :

• If you live in Korea, Mongolia, China or Taiwan, please contact your local Raelian Movement to book your room by April 29th, Saturday.
• If you live in countries other than Korea, Mongolia, China and Taiwan, please book your accommodation from this webpage together with your online seminar application by April 29, Saturday. (Please send your inquiry to asia-sem© if you would like to book after this date.)
• It is possible to reserve as well the hotel by yourself through the hotel booking site of the Kariyushi hotel or other travel agents.
• You can also reserve other hotels around the official hotel by yourself and commute to the official hotel.

Group Reservation Room Rates (including tax)
(You will receive a FREE breakfast buffet ticket for each day you stay at the hotel. The ticket CAN be used for a LUNCH buffet ticket!)

     yen / per night / per person
 for 1 person room   13,500 yen
 for 2 person room    7,000 yen
 for 3 person room    6,500 yen
 for 4 person room    5,500 yen

Note: When sharing a room with other people it is required that you specify exactly with whom you will share the room. Please enter the names of all of your roommates. Each of your roommates need also to apply for the room individually indicating with whom they share as well.
Note: The room rate per person will change depending on the final and actual number of people sharing the room (for example: in the case your roommate cancel the room).

Cancellation Policy
 - Cancellation made after May 7th : Cancellation fee = 10% of total costs
-  Cancellation made after May 27th : Cancellation fee = 100% of total costs

Please be sure to notify the JRM International Welcome Team ( of any intended reservation changes or cancellation. If you change or cancel your reservation without notice, you will be charged 100% of the costs for the initial reservation.

Note: The cancellation dates above are based upon the exact day JRM actually cancels your reservation with the hotel, not the day you notify your cancellation to the Raelian Movement. (It may take up to 1 or 2 weeks for the cancellation process until the hotel finally cancels your reservation).